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Dedicated charity helping people in the engineering
and construction industry make a tangible difference
to communities suffering hardship and poverty
around the world.


Arcadia in collaboration with the Halcrow Foundation
has partnered with
Population and Community Development Association (PDA)
one of Thailand’s most well-established
Non-Governmental Organisation (NGOs)
to support a project that provides rural villagers with the skills, education
and funding needed to escape a life of grinding poverty.


Our vision is a world in which all people have the means by which to
enjoy a decent quality of life, free from oppression and poverty – a place
where everyone can access safe water, healthcare, education and
opportunities to sustain themselves while living a fulfilling life.


Our mission is to transform the way that companies within the
engineering and construction industries give and support communities,
improving the lives of people in need. We are an agent for change
an enabler for good.

Our values 
Care:We care about people in genuine need and who may be
rooted in poverty or lack opportunities to change their
lives for good.

Empowerment:We always work to enable people to help themselves.
We take a grassroots approach to our work, enabling
people within communities to identify and bring
the change that will enable the greatest impact
and transformation to their lives.

Trust:We always deliver on our commitments.

Equality:We believe in the right of all people to fair and equal
treatment. We use clear and transparent processes
to maintain our ethical approach and we only work
with others who can also commit to our beliefs.

Sustainability:We work to make improvements that create lasting
change and potential for personal growth in our
beneficiaries. We offer more than short-term financial
assistance to alleviate poverty, and work towards
enabling our beneficiaries to provide for themselves
over the longer term.